March 15, 2018

This page was under construction for a long time, and over the past few days so much has changed in my life. For anyone visiting — I apologize for any negative tone or depressed atmosphere of this page. My fiance took his own life on March 12, 2018 and my entire world has ceased spinning. I’m hoping that in time I will find solace and healing through use of this blog. Perhaps I will keep it as photography only and will find another outlet in a more private space. He brought me to photography. He was the one I turned to for questions. The one whose photos I admired and oftentimes brought me to tears. I’m hoping to be able to use this space. For now, it is painful and I apologize if that comes across in my postings.

Below you will find my original info… not sure how much even feels like it applies anymore. Hopefully it will again someday.



For now, I am: In my late 30s. Part time lover, occasional fighter. Subpar photographer. I like animals more than I like humans. I am a huge weather nerd and want to marry Jim Cantore when I grow up. (Call me, Jim!!) Medically trained and licensed, and I love it! I am an unapologetic cannoli enthusiast. I want to learn how to country line dance, even though I don’t listen to country music. My brain-to-mouth filter is non-existent at times, so I am easily misunderstood. But overall, I am pretty happy with the way life is going and I’m almost always laughing, even when things suck or it’s terribly inappropriate. Because laughing is my favorite.

I will be adding more info soon.

Note to self: Please make sure to include the following when completing the design of this page —

  • A few (or 100) strange, yet oddly interesting facts about me that no one really wants to know.
  • A few candid photos of myself — possibly running through leaves in Autumn, like they do in L.L.Bean catalogs. Or maybe eating an ice cream cone in a park during summer… because gelato is life. Or maybe just a shot of me covered in cat hair, shopping for scoupable litter in mismatched, disheveled clothing because that’s a hell of a lot closer to reality.
  • Include a few stats that are informative, yet vague enough so that if you thought you recognized my writing style or the background of that one photo I took that one time in that place you swear you’ve been before and you think you might know me… YOU’RE WRONG. Totally wrong. Sit there in your wrongness and be really, really wrong.
  • A few jokes about your mom.
  • Reference Uranus.

The end.

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