WPC: I’d Rather Be…

Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be…

As dark as this is… it’s the only thing that fits today. On Monday, my fiancé and best friend, was found dead in his apartment from suicide. I am so absolutely lost and broken, and I don’t know what to do anymore. My entire life revolved around, and was saturated, with him. So… the only thing that fits for this photo challenge is this photo of him when we were in Acadia last fall. He was trying out all sorts of different light tricks during some night photography.

This Wednesday, every day before and every day here after, I’d rather be with you, Alex. I’m so sorry that you couldn’t stay here with me. I love you. You were all my reasons.


6 thoughts on “WPC: I’d Rather Be…”

  1. I simply could not “like” this one which is so very sad. The only thing more tragic than the death of a loved one is his or her death by suicide. So many questions and so few answers. Good for you for reaching out – hoping that blogging brings you some small amount of solace.


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