WPC: A Face In The Crowd

This weeks photo challenge over at The Daily Post is “A Face In The Crowd”

“Create an image that represents being “a face in the crowd.” Explore silhouettes, shadows, orientation, and other ways to mask your subject. As you hide the defining characteristics of your model, notice which traits continue to stand out. Without facial expression, can you tell how someone is feeling? Without color, does your impression of that person change? If portraits aren’t your thing, get even more creative with your use of shadows, reflections, animals, and patterns to represent a sense of anonymity.

Explore the use of anonymity to express both that which is common to all of us and the uniqueness that stands out even when the most obvious parts of us are hidden. Just as all of us can oscillate between conformity and individualism, allow your photo to do the same.

Here are my submissions so far this week. I plan to head out at some point and try to explore the other suggestions beyond the anonymous crowd photos I have here. The reason I chose these photos is because they show a great deal of anonymity, yet all the while you can see how collective the experience is. You cannot distinctly see anyone’s faces or features, but I believe the photos accurately convey the intensity and captivation in the room.

I can’t wait to try and capture the rest of the suggestions. Thanks for checking out my first submissions for the week! Be gentle… I’m a fresh-out-the-box newbie to all of this. Working on it though!


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